Rabiee Al Shaay | SHJ

Let me start by saying that I drove all the way from Dubai to Sharjah for almost 40 mins just to try this place. I have heard alot about it and I was keen on trying it. I decided to take my family to try this place, and they were not interested.  They were wondering why would I drive all the way to Sharjah for food. Well I am a foodie that’s why!

Rabiee Al Shaay is located on University Road in Sharjah. An area next to all the main universities. Mainly univeristy students go there whenever they have free time between classes. Anyways, when my family saw the restuarant they were unimpressed from how small it is. I have mentioned to them earlier that it is a food to go type of restuarant, and there is only a couple of tables and chairs to sit.

Anyways, we went in and sat on a table for 2, even though we were 3! We started by ordering appetizers. Oh my, the appetizers were amazing!

We ordered the Shrimp Dynamite. When you go to Rabiee Al Shaay, make sure to try their Shrimp Dynamite and don’t leave without trying it. It is around 6 pieces of shrimps with the Dynamite sauce. I felt heaven in my mouth. AED 28

Edit 3.jpg

Appetizer 2: Dynamite Fries. I am a big fan of anything Dynamite. This was was over the top. It comes with  beef sauce, melted chedder, crispy onions and sour cream for AED 15

Edit 2.jpg

Moving to the main course. We ordered a plate of 2 sliders, you can try either the chicken, beef or both. Well, we had both. They were both equally great. Bitting in to the chicken cheetos I could feel the crunch. It was the right amount of spicy, not too much or too little, and melted cheddar. What a great combination! The beef slider was juicy. It wasn’t too greasy, yet very juicy. I loved it! We all did actually. AED 30

Edit 4.jpg

Edit 5.jpg






Next is the chicken and mushroom pasta. Almost everyone I  know tried the pasta with the pink sauce, so I decided to go for something different. I went for the chicken and mushroom pasta. This was delicious. It tastes better than pasta you would get else where for almost AED 60. However, this one is for only AED 32!

Edit 8.jpg

You can’t eat without having a drink! I have asked them to recommend their most favorite. They recommended the Red Ruby. Yet they nailed it! A mixture of watermelon, lime and lemon for AED 15.Edit 6.jpg

You can’t leave without having dessert. I usually need to have my dessert after my meal. I need to satisfy my sweet tooth. So instead of having 1 dessert, we had 2!

Dessert 1: The Lotus Crepe. They have different types of crepes, but I am a huge fan of Lotus! This one was for AED 26

Dessert 2: A waffle on a stick. There are 2 flavEdit 10.jpgors for this one, Nutella and Lotus. But since I have ordered a Lotus Crepe, I wanted to go for the Nutella flavor for the waffle.Edit 9.jpg

Overall, our experience was phenomenal! My family were impressed with the food quality and the cost! It was totally worth the drive.

The owner is planning to open a branch in Dubai, so STAY TUNED! Anyways, do not miss it and if you live in Sharjah, then it is an incentive for you to try!



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