FUME Pier 7| Dubai

I have a thing for breakfast. It’s my favorite meal of the day, especially when it is at place like Fume. Located in Pier 7, Fume is chic and has spectacular views of the Marina. It does not have any outdoor seating, but it is OKAY! It is a great place for friends, couples and even families as they have a small play area for children.

We started our meal with green juice and jasmine tea. The green juice was a recommended by one of the servers, and he got it spot on! It was very refreshing and soul soothing.


Later on we received our breakfast! We’ve ordered the Fume pan, a typical english breakfast which consists of eggs of your choice, I asked for sunny side up, with beans mushrooms, baked mashed potatoes, turkey bacon, sausage and sourdough bread, Yummy in my tummy just for AED 78!

Fume Pan

French toast for breakfast, YES PLEASE! It comes on a wooden tray with the toppings in little cups on the side, I loved the presentation! Nothing is better than old school maple syrup as a topping!

French toast

The Arabic Breakfast, I was quite disappointed with this one. It consisted of a pan of Arabic Shakshoka ( eggs with tomato),honestly it doensn’t taste anything like an authentic Arabic Shakshoka. Being an Arab, i know how Shakshoka tastes like. Served with smoked egg plants, labne, a small salad and sourdough bread. AED 48

The Arabic Breakfast

This is not it! It was time for my favorite part, the dessert! I was flipping through the menu and my eyes landed on the Lotus Pancakes. If you love Biscoff, you will definitely love this one. The pancakes were to die for. They were so fluffy and induldging. AED 45

Lotus Pancakes

There is more! The waffles were very soft and beautiful. What I loved about these waffles is that they are super light. So it is not one of these heavy desserts that will give you a food coma. AED 39


One last one, I promise! The Banoffee parfait. It is an open jar with cream, biscuit crumbs some paraline and caramel. I am not sure exactly what all the ingredients are but this is almost what is in it. But was soft, creamy and worth the try. AED 42

Banoffee Parfait

Fume was worth the try! I heard alot about their colourful bagel, which I really wanted to try, but unfortunately it wasn’t available.

If you are looking for a place with good breakfast and good vibes, then definitely head to Fume.




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