Operation Falafel | Dubai


Located in Box Park Dubai, Operation Falalfel serves authentic Arabic street food in a modern space. Going into the restuarant, I did not know what to expect. I’ve always believed that street food should remain where it belongs, on the streets. Anyways, Operation Falafel gave me a different outlook on street food.

Initally, the place is very modern. I was worried that a place like this would probably be a bit too pricey for Falfel. On one hand, the price of the food was average, but for Falafel, shawerma and street food, it was pricey.

The staff were friendly and hyper, they completely set the mood to the place. I ordered tea with mint. I always like to have tea with mint with my breakfast. b2281229-e2ab-4e55-a52f-3c2b58c3191c

Then ofcourse, going to a Falafel resto, I had to order Falafel. I had stuffed ones with chilli ( not too spicey). It came in 2 big pieces. Also comes in 4 pieces.IMG_20170217_115635.jpg

I also had the fatet hummus. Man how much I love this dish. However, they did not get it right. It needed more yogurt. On a scale from 1-10, I would give it a 6.


Their egg with Awarma ( minced beef ) was great. I enjoyed every bite of it. This dish is good for 2 people. It was a bit heavy but it was spectacular. I give it 8/10


As for the Manoushe, I wanted to try other than the classics, so I ordered the Turkey with cheese and it came with mayo and tomatoes in cereal bread. It was good, but I prefer the classic manaeesh.


Here is a snapshot of our table! Looks great, right?


Overall, I enjoyed my experience and would definitely go again. I would order their eggs with Awarma and their Falafel. Maybe give their Shawarma a try.



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