Downtown Cafe | Dubai

When I first saw the name, I thought it was going to be located close to Burj Khalifa, but it wasn’t. It is actually located in Karama, it is very easy to find and the signage stands out.I went on Friday, so the restuarant was busy. It has an indoor and outdoor seating, however, we choose to sit indoors, on their high chairs which were surprisingly very comfortable. The staff are very friendly and they go out of their way to give you a great experience. The menu is extensive and serves different cuisines, there isn’t one in specific.


We started by ordering drinks. They have nice combination of mocktails and shakes. They look very pretty as well. I recommend you to try which ever you like. I am sure you won’t regret whatever you choose.


For starters, I tried the Dynamite Shrimps ( my all time favorite). I could feel an explosion of flavors in my mouth, it was very yummy! The Rice Balls were next on my list. It is deep fried rice and cheese balls served with marinara sauce. I absolutely loved it. It was crunchy from the outside, gooey from the inside, and the marinara sauce was a bit spicy, just the way I like it. Next was the Quesdilla, served with sour cream and guacamole sauce. This one was not one of my favorites, if I really wanted quesdillas I would go to Taqado, best place for mexican food.

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For main courses, I had Chicken Escalopes with pasta and white sauce. The combination is so indulging, and the portion of this dish in specific is great for sharing, 2 people can barely finish it.


The next one was on of my favorite dishes, the Coco Basa Fish, it is  grilled fish served with pesto sauce and sauteed vegtables. The fish was soft and melts in your mouth.


The last main is Grilled Chicken with white sauce, mushrooms and sauteed veggies. It is a regular dish, but nothing really special about it.


There is a hype going around about monster shakes, but this one is called A KILLER SHAKE, it was definitely a killer. It was filled with chocolate, brownies, peanuts. Get ready for dessert coma!


One of my favorite Creme Brulee’s, the chef added a twist to it by adding dates. It is so soft and indulging.


Overall, my experience was on point. You can visit Downtown cafe with friends, family, even alone. They have a shelf of books in different languages which is a great way to spend time. I am sure the team will make your experience very lovely.



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