Bread & Olives | Dubai

Your neighborehood breakfast place, located in Tecom, B&O offer a variety of Lebanese food. However, they are best known for their bread, Manaeesh and Kaak.

The place is small, I can say it would fit around 50 people, with both outdoor and indoor seating. My family and I sat outdoors to enjoy Dubai’s weather in winter!

The staff were nice, and tried to get out of their way to make our experience great. The food was presented on wooden plates, which added to the mood of the meal.

For starters, we ordered the onion soup in bread bowl. It is rare to find an onion soup in a lebanese restuarant, so we were keen on trying it and it tasted great. I was surprised by the side of olives in olive oil.


Lebanese restuarants are quite known for thier Fatoush, and I have massive cravings for fatoush. However, I was disappointed with it. Fatoush is a must when I dine at a lebanese restuarant, and the flavour of the sauce was not spot on. It was also served with baked Pita bread instead fried.


In addition, we ordered Hummus which comes with a freshly baked bread. The bread was fresh and fluffy. The flavor of the Hummus was perfect.


For main courses we had steak and chicken with white sauce. The chicken was flavorful added by the white sauce, as for the steak with mushrooms and pepper gravy, was nothing special, and the beef was not well done ( as we ordered it). Both dishes were served with roasted veggies and mashed potatoes.


For desset, we had the Nutella Manoushe with Strawberries. There is something about the bread in this place that makes their manaeesh so great!

img_20170106_171007Overall, I’d recommend Bread&Olives for their Manaeesh and Kaak, as this is what it specializes for. I think their is potential to create more signature flavours to attract more customers.





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