Stay | Dubai

Stay is one of the babies of the culinary mastermind Yannick Alleno. The venue was excquisite and breath taking. Driving into the One & Only the Palm, I knew that I will be fascinated by the view. Since the weather is amazing in winter, we sat outdoors, over looking the view of the palm trees and the pool.

The senesation the venue left me speechless. It is what made my experience so luxurious. You feel like you a VIP just sitting there. It is great for special occasions, anniversaries, birthdays, valentines. The prices, let me tell you something, you are paying for a great service, great food and great location. So the price is a tad high.


As we were looking at the menu which comes with a reading light, the server got us a box of  three horderves placed on a bed of pumpkin seeds. It was nothing special, but the presentation was lovely. Then we got bread and butter. French bread is so indulging.

For starters I had the Buratta with Zuchinni and Olive Oil, I have tried Buratta from multiple places, but this one was exquisite and palette reviving.


I also had the Mixed Green Seasonal Salad, the veggies are so fresh and the fresh dressing was well flavoured.


For the main course, I had baked fish fillet with asparagus on the side, the fish comes with a butter lemon sauce on the side. It had a magical flavour. The had the right amount of butter and lemon. The fish was moist and it melts in your mouth.



For dessert, the waiter invited us to try a selection of delicate chocolates from the bar. It tasted so authentic, and luxurious at the same time. There is also a bar of the different desserts to choose from, and the chef took us through the different types of dessets, explaining each one of them. img_20161227_221855I went for the Mango Millefeuilles, it was something out of this world. I love Millefeuilles as is, but this one was different. The presentation, the taste, the flavour of the mango, all of it. The mango flavour was delicate, enough to taste other flavors in the desset.


Before we leave, the Executive Chef of Stay took us in a tour of the kitchen and how the food is being prepared. We also had a poloride picture with him to conclude our visit to Stay.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience from the beginning till the end. It was luxurious and relaxing. The staff will do there best to make your experience memorable. Next time you want to make a lasting impression on your loved ones, take them to Stay.


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