Grilliant | Dubai

The taste of Authentic beef burgers in Dubai can be enjoyed at Grilliant. Located on Jumierah road, Grilliant is a small restuarant which serves one of the best beef burgers and hotdogs in town. I went in with the aim of trying their burgers only, but the owner insisted to try their hotdogs, and he promised that I will love it, and I did. The hotdogs were amazing and mouth watering.

What makes Grilliant so special, is the taste of their beef. It is not that easy to find real beef burger or hotdogs ( what I mean by real is non-processed) in town.

Their burgers are juicy and delicious. The one on the right is the BBQ, the smokiness of the burger is what makes this burger so perfect, AED 56. The one on the left is the Classic, who doesn’t love a good old timer with melted cheddar cheese?  For AED 44.


The hotdog was one of my favorites. I enjoyed it more than the burgers to be honest. This one is called the VIKING for AED 28.


Don’t forget to try their Chilli Cheese Fries with minced beef, cheddar cheese and onions for AED 10.


Even though the burgers are priced above the average, you will be getting beef of quality. Their burgers are served in 150 G and 220 G. The ones above are 150G, so you could imagine how big the 220 ones would be.

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