Anatolia Turkish Grill | Dubai

I have major love for Turkey, especially Turkish food, and the fact that Anatolia is one of the great rare Turkish restaurants in town I made sure I try it.

The service was fast, as soon as we placed our order, they served the fresh bread with a side of 3 types of cheese.img_20161125_154150

Then we got our mezze platter or Karisik Meze which is a selection of cold Turkish Mezze inclusive of hummus, baba ghanoug, muhamara, mutabal with salad in the middle for AED 54


Then we tried the Lahmacun or what we call lahme bi ajin, minced meat pie. It is super soft and delicious, made with light Turkish bread for AED 16 only!


Next we had the Manti  which is similar to shish barak, dough stuffed with meat and covered with yogurt. It is somewhat served cold for AED 38


It is time for the main courses! The upcoming two dishes are my absolute favorite because they are typical Turkish dishes. The first one is the Iskender Kebap, lamb & beef slices on a bed of bread soaked with tomato sauce, for AED 48.  The second one is Karisik Kebap. A selection of grilled meat and chicken served with bulgur and fries for AED 64.

Turkish hospitality is incomplete with Turkish tea! They served us Turkish tea in little glass cups!


A meal is incomplete without dessert.  Sultac was my favorite dessert at Anatolia! It is a rice pudding with vanilla milk, served cold, made my entire meal and only for AED 21. I had to have it with Turkish coffee. I just had to for AED 10.


Last, we had a Turkish one or several actually. Here we tried the Turkish Kunefe with creme for AED 24 it was hot and not too sweet. The dish on the left is called Irimik Tatlisi it is something that I try for the first time. It is soft as a cake and inside there is vanilla ice cream for AED 29. The third desset is called Katmer, similar to baklava, it is made with pastry sheets stuffed with cream and pistachio. It was too heavy and sweet for AED 35.



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