The Hotdog Stand| Dubai

9If you want to enjoy a simple meal outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather in Dubai, then They Hotdog Stand is your best bet. Located in Dubai Marina, The Hotdog Stand is your neighborhood hot dog resto.


The place is small, but very chill. I loved the way they’ve set up outdoors. You can enjoy your meal on a typical picnic table in the park.


Now let me talk about the food. Obviously since it is a hot dog shack then it sells hotdogs! Can’t it be more obvious? Just kidding! Anyways, I am telling you, you would want to try their 7 inch hotdogs. They have signature ones, or you can create your own. It is all up to you! I’ve tried The Mexican, AED 28 and California Fusion AED 27. They are both good but I prefer The Mexican.


Sides matter, no? How about some chili cheese fries AED 18 and Jalapeno popers AED 15. The chili cheese fries needs some improvement, but the Jalapeno popers are the BOMB!


Wait there is more! Some yummy onion rings  AED 15, order some BBQ sauce on the side for dipping! Also, the skin on fries AED 10 are better than the regular ones.


6Enough of savory, now it’s time for my favorite part, the dessert! The dessert is a deep fried churro, AED 25,cone shapped in a cup, topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. The combination of the hot churro and the ice cold vanilla cream compliment each other perfectly. My mouth is watering as I am writing my experience! Yum!


A similar one are just deep fried Churro sticks, AED 25 with caramel and chocolate dippings. I still prefer the Ice cream one!


Overall, the place is nice for a chill, casual meal with some friends. I enjoyed it very much! If you like hotdogs, I am sure you will too.


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