Must Try Street Food | Amsterdam

Hello folks!

My journey in Amsterdam consisted on eating, exploring and partying! Like any other place in the world, Amsterdam has it’s own specialty in food!

Here are my Top picks and MUST try food in Amsterdam:

6: Macroons

Macroons in Amsterdam are to die for, especially when you have Macroons resembling colors of The Netherlands! Almost every country in Europe has exquisite Macroons. These ones are  1.25 Euro each.20161020_113903_ezinstsave

5: Churros

Street food is my favorite, especially if was dessert street food. Churros in Amsterdam are fresh, light, soft from the inside,crunchy from the outside and you can choose your favorite toppings. I like mine with just a little bit of sugar sprinkles. These ones are for about 3 Euros each from the red lights district.img-20160410-wa0002

4: Vending Machine Fast Food

Coming form Dubai, I was surprised to see fast food served in a vending machine. It was SPECTACULAR! It has burgers, fries, hotdogs and a couple of other local foods with pork and beef. In addition, what is also great is the quality and taste of the food, it is fresh and hot, exactly how fast food should be. The most popular vending machine resturant is FEBO, it can be found in leidseplein and many other streets around town. Prices vary from 1.25 Euros up to 3 Euros, depending on what you choose.img_20161020_113625

3: Patatjes ( Fries)

When in Amsterdam make sure to try local fries or Patatas served in paper cones. These hot fries are served with traditional peanut sauce, curry ketchup and mayo topped with onions. You can choose to have the usual Ketchup and BBQ sauce if you wish. It is available in many places in Amsterdam, and you can have it from FEBO. Price: Avg 4 Euros.img_20161020_113105

2: Fresh Stroop Waffles

These are special to my heart. Fresh stroop waffles cannot be found everywhere, however, if you are lucky enough to visit Amsterdam over the weekend, then you can head to the Neumarkt (district) on Sundays there is a farmer’s market where many stalls are set and you can buy local goods and accessories. The market runs from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. only, so don’t miss the chance to visit. Price: 3 – 4 Euros depending on the toppings. Mine had cramel and sea salt.img_20161020_112929

1: Kibbeling

Kibbeling are pieces of deep fried fish served with tartar sauce. YUM! BTW this is purely Dutch. Again, this can’t be found everywhere, so you need to dig for places that serve it. I had mine at the Neumarkt Famer’s market on Sunday along with the Stroop Waffles. Price : 3 Euros for the small one and 5 Euros for the big one.





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