Ayam Elezz | Dubai

The Good Old Days is the English translation to Ayam Elezz. Everything about this place takes you back in time, from interiors,  music and the entire atmosphere. Located at The Mall in Umm Suqiem, Ayaam Elezz has a great view of Jumeirah Beach Hotel. dsc01343

My family and I decided to try their breakfast. I knew my mom would love it and she actually did. The music took her back to the good old days, especially after listening to the music playing at the restaurant.

We ordered the breakfast tray for 2 people, consisting of 10 items it includes a Manoushe, Labne, Cheese, Beans, Scrambled eggs, Zataar, Jam, Honey, Tahineye, fresh vegetables, olives, and 2 hot drinks. All this for AED 86 for 2 people. What is even better, is that we were three people and it was enough for all three of us. We also ordered extras, the lahme bi Ajin and Fatet Humus.

So over all, the breakfast portions were great, the taste was better, and the atmosphere was refreshing. I asked mom what she thought of the place and she said exactly the same. So if mom says it is great then it definitely is.



In addition, if you are a smoker then you would enjoy their shisha.DSC01300.JPG


One thought on “Ayam Elezz | Dubai

  1. I will be visiting Dubai soon and this looks like a place I could be going to for breakfast! The variety on the plate looks delish.


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