Clinton Street Baking |Dubai


CHICKEN WAFFLES! were the main reason I wanted to try this restaurant. I don’t know many restaurants in #Dubai that serve this dish in particular, and that was exactly the first thing I ordered from the menu. Many of you might think, savoury and sweet, or chicken and maple syrup? YEA, chicken and maple syrup was spectacular.

Alright, I’ll move on to the rest. Once I got there, I saw a bunch of people waiting. I personally do not like to wait, so if you do not mind the wait, then you must go and try it. We were seated 15 mins later, then the waiter took our order. My friends and I ordered the chicken waffle, blueberry with chocolate pancakes, Southern Breakfast ( A protein dish) , Sweet potato fries, coffee, tea and water.

So we waited, and complained a lot, because it took them over 30 mins to bring our food! YES, 30 minutes. When we asked them why it took so long, they said “Our food is organic and we prepare it from scratch in our kitchen”. Okay, but I was hungry! I am glad the food turned out pretty well, or I wouldn’t have been happy at all.

Prices. If you are on a budget, then this restaurant would not be under your category of breakfasts. It costs AED 80 for the Chicken and waffle!

Here is the breakdown of a breakfast for 3 people:

1 X chicken & Waffle: AED 80

1 X Blueberry pancake: AED 58

1 X Southern breakfast : AED 67

1 X Sweet Potato fries: AED 22

1 X Cappuccino:  AED 18

1 X Tea: AED 18

1 X Bottomless Coffee: AED 20

1 X Water: AED 10

Total: AED 293




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