Your neighbourhood eatery in Business Bay. I went on Friday for breakfast with a couple of friends to check out Crumble. I heard so much fuss about this place and I was determined to try it.

We decided to sit outside to enjoy the weather, but when we arrived, the tables were not clean yet, and we had to wait a few minutes till they cleaned it. We ordered the Crumble breakfast which comes with baked beans, pouched eggs, avocados, multigrain toast, Argula, Salmon, sausage and roasted potatoes. That sounds a lot right? It was, but it was goodtoo and I was happy with the amount of protein since I love to use it all at the gym. I also ordered the detox beverage, a bit sour but it was okay.  We also ordered the french toast with caramel sauce. Then for dessert we hard the fried Oreos, it was supposed to come with chocolate drizzle but I guess they forgot it? It also took them over 20 mins to bring the dessert. Throughout my meal, I asked to have butter, and it was so sad that I got the butter after I was done eating!

Generally speaking, the food was okay, it looks pretty but the taste does not equal it. Do not get me wrong, the food was good, but not as good. I was disappointed with the service, especially since they knew we were coming, but it was still not up to par.20160205_11195920160205_113318



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