Shakespeare Cafe | Souq Al Bahar

Situated in the heart of Dubai, Shakespeare Cafe offers a selection of light meals and filling at the same time.

Since the weather is currently nice in Dubai, we sat outdoors, they have an indoors area as well. We enjoyed the scenery with the fountains, the great winter in Dubai and birds chirping. The great thing about Shakespeare is that they serve breakfast all day! We went for breakfast at 2:00 p.m. on a Friday, and pretty much enjoyed it. They have four types of breakfasts, the English, the Arabic or Lebanese, the American and the healthy. They also have individual orders such as Eggs Benedict and others. My friend and I we opt. for the English and the Arabic. The English breakfast comes with beans, eggs of your choice, baked potatoes, grilled sausages, bacon, bread basket and a choice of hot and a cold drink. The Arabic breakfast comes with a Saj manoushe, grilled Halloumi, Labne, olives, Halawe and a choice of a hot and a cold drink.

The English breakfast was pretty great! I loved every bite of it. The Arabic was “Alright”compared to the English breakfast. The Manoushe was good, however, the late and the Halloumi was somewhat Tangy or Sour, it left a bad after taste in our mouth. They also offer shish for those who enjoy it.

Their breakfast is reasonably priced for its portion. The four breakfasts are priced at AED 55.





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