Logma | Dubai

The new buzz in town! Situated at the new Box Park, Logma is a traditional Khaleeji restaurant with a modern concept.

I went there with my friends Friday morning for breakfast. We sat outdoors to enjoy the weather, in Dubai you can only have a meal outdoors 5 months a year. We tried different dishes including, the Cheese Samboosa, Beef Shakshooka, Egg Paratha Rolls, Grilled Halloumi, Khameer bread, and we ended it with Lgimat ( famous Khaleeji dessert). For drinks we had the Atlantis ( a chilled beverage), Karak tea, Emarati coffee and Turkish coffee.

The breakfast was good, though traditional Emarati street food is much cheaper.  However, the food was good and the location was great as well.

Total bill for 3 people:

1 X Cheese Sambosa

1X Beef Shakshooka

1X Egg Paratha Rolls

1X Grilled Halloumi

1X Khameer bread

1X Atlantis

1X Passionfruit mocktail

3X Turkish Coffee

1X Emirati tea

1X Karaak

1X Lgaimat

= AED 315




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