Slider Station | Dubai

I would marry the person who takes me to Slider Station on a date! Not literally, but I most probably would fall in love.

It was my first time at Slider Station Dubai, located in Galleria Mall on Al Wasl road. The ambiance is quite dark, but I guess that is their aim.

I ordered dessert, I was tempted to try this place from what I have seen on their Instagram page. The pictures on ithier page won’t fool you. The taste of it is as good as the pictures. I went for the Lotus pancakes with Caramel, the hype on the Lotus is what made me try it. That was the best cheat dessert I had in weeks. I also tried their Nutella shake,which was indulging and very thick. I recommend you not to be as rebellious as I was and just choose 1 type of dessert or you would end up in food coma.

I am looking forward to going back again to try their burgers! I would definitely top it off with a dessert, probably a different one next time.

If you haven’t tried Slider Station yet, then you are missing alot! I know I was.20160115_145640.jpg


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