Healthy Dishout at the VI Lounge ( with dish recipe)

I hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend! During lunch break, my friends and I decided to dish out at the VI Lounge. Being a clean eating freak, I decided that even though we are eating at a resturant that I’ve never been to before; I will stick to my healthy eating routine.

The resturant was a little small, some how cozy and empty with a modern interior, similar to the other cafes in Dubai. They had a wide variety of food and drinks, from lebanese cuisine, Italian, and seafood. They also serve Shisha for those who enjoy it.

Price: AED 38

I tried this amazing salmon Salad which is also super easy to make at home.



-Black leaf lettuce



-Dressing : Olive oil and a little bit of 1000 Islands dressing ( having 1 table spoon wont is NOT UNHEALTHY OR FATTENING)! P.S. I did not dip my salad in the dressing infront of me.



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