Cleaning My System

Hi Guys! Catchy title huh? Anyways, I am on a mission to clean my intestines and my body from toxins, which means I am DETOXING! Detoxification is the process of removing dirt or toxins from your body. I am not a big fan of extreme diets or trying to lose weight the hard way or any thing exhausting. I usually detox when I feel that my body is not feeling too well, whether it was from my cheat day, or it could be from dirty fruits, trust me it happens if you do not wash your fruits and vegetables correctly; or even when I feel bloated.

There are many detoxification processes that includes just ingesting liquids from five to seven days. Let me tell you that is YUK! Honestly, why would you do this to yourself? This is a very unhealthy way to lose weight, and there isn’t any nutritionist who would recommend such detox. Anyways, if you are using this method to lose weight, I would personally recommend you to see a nutritionist and you can detox and still eat organic, non dairy , healthy products.

I will share a once a week detoxing method. I started simple this week by mixing orange and water. Trust me it is Yummy and a little sweet, unlike water and lemon. How fancy are the Voss bottles?! I love them!



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