Lunch at Bennigan’s

The best thing about Dubai is that it you can find any type of food you want! Whether it was Arabic, Greek, English, American, Japanese, you name it. However, Dubai is filled with American restaurants and the list is endless. Anyways, I was staying at my friend’s house which is located on Shiekh Zayed Road, at the heart of the city; and we decided we were very confused on where to go for lunch. We decided to go to Bennigan’s which is located in downtown Dubai next to Leila, Mizo, and The Vi Lounge. 

I honestly do not like to have unhealthy meals during the week. I prefer having my cheat meal on Friday’s as I mentioned in my previous posts. Well, when we got to Bennigan’s I saw a few low calorie/fat/carb dishes so I thought why not?

Just a little insight of Bennigan’s: A chain of Irish restaurants based in the United States. Their portions are huge and their slogan is ” American Fare. Irish Hospitality” which says a lot about them.

I ordered a dish called Danny Boy Chicken. It contains two grilled chicken breasts served with Mashed potatoes and Sauteed broccoli. I had to change the mashed potatoes with Steamed rice and the sauteed broccoli with sauteed vegetables. It was an big but light meal. I did not feel lazy, sick or anxious after I was done. I also try not to order drinks with my meals since it is considered unhealthy. Unless it was obviously my cheat day:)! The waiter/waitress then comes and asks if you want fresh black pepper on your dish, I SAY YES!!! I like to spice my food up a little.


My friend ordered Bennigan’s Finn’s Fish and Chips served with Tartar sauce and coleslaw. I tried their fish and chips sometime last year, and I can honestly tell you that it is DELICIOUS!  Irish restaurants are famous for their fish and chips. PhotoEditor_1410249211844

She has also ordered soft drinks which are completely refillable.

I definitely recommend to try both dishes and check out the restaurant. It is best to go during the winter and sit outdoors and enjoy the view of Downtown Dubai.

Bill for 2:

Danny boy Chicken: AED 59

Finn’s Fish and Chips: AED 69

Fountain drinks: AED 18

Total: AED 146  



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