The bowling Centre

Dubai is filled with recreational and non recreational activities, but we Dubaians prefer spending their on non recreational activities such as eating, clubbing, tanning, and shopping. Even though UAE is unbearably hot and humid, there are alternatives such as indoor recreations from the gymnasium, in door basketball, field hockey, ice skating and bowling. 

My friends and I decided to do something a little different this weekend, and enjoy an afternoon at the bowling centre. You might think why would I go to the bowling centre while bowling and billiards exists within shopping malls. Well the bowling centre has huge bowling alleys, the ones that are used by professional players, and championships. The environment at the centre is hyped up with loud music and many people.

The bowling screens allows you to take a picture of your self and place it next to your name, which is a really cool feature. You also have the opportunity to chat with other teams on different alleys. Price range : AED15-18 per person per game or AED120 per team per hour.

If you are not a fan of bowling, there is a section for billiards fans. It is another way to spend time practicing recreational activities. Price: AED 40 per table per hour

The centre has also a section for semi arcade games such as car racing, electronic basketball, baby foot and table hockey.

After you spend a couple of hours enjoying recreational activities you can hit the cafe upstairs ( honestly I do not like that cafe and I definitely do not recommend it). However, there is no harm to check it out!


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