Rock & Roll at HardRock

I dished out at Hardrock cafe this week. It was my best friend’s farewell, and we decided to choose a place which has a convenient location, for people who live in different ends of the city; good food, and even greater environment.

Hard Rock is the ultimate destination for daily live rock music and a great American food. There hasn’t been a single time, when I have gone to this place and they had a bad service, or served bad food. The music played is mostly rock, and there is a band playing live music daily. They sometime mix modern R&B songs and add a hit of rock to it. It is a great place to be at.

Live Rock Band


Hay Stack Chicken Salad: It is AMAZING! It has Tortilla strips, nuts, and chicken of course.    PhotoEditor_1409900415748

Fish& Chips served with Coleslaw and Tartar sauce

PhotoEditor_1409900508895 (1)PhotoEditor_1409900249873 (3)





Bill for 1:

Haystack Chicken Salad: AED 55

Fish & Chips: AED59

Berrilicious: AED 26

Total: AED 140


Note: The portions are enough to feed 2 people.




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