Cheat meal bless

If you believe that you will gain 1 -2 pounds from a cheat meal, then you might want to think again. We are all human, and we all have junk food cravings at a certain point whether it was chocolate, chips, nuts, ice cream, and the list goes on. Cheat meals are a good way to increase your caloric burn, but how?1409641710792

Loose weight

when you are following the same diet constantly, your body becomes more tolerant to the diet and starts adapting to it. By consuming one cheat meal a week which contains high carbs and fats, then your body becomes in shock and starts to work harder to burn these extra calories, the thyroid function increases.

Stay Motivated

Eating clean feels great, but sometimes we get bored and we want to indulge. Cheat meals help you to stay motivated. If you think that once you take a break you might get back to your unhealthy habits then you are wrong. Cheat meals are routine breakers and exciting. It gives you the opportunity to indulge especially since you are fasting all week. This is your TREAT! You will enjoy it much more.

Control your cravings

You can’t just randomly have a cheat meal and expect to loose or maintain your weight, it needs to be scheduled. For example, I have my cheat meal on Fridays. During the whole week, I would have to control my appetite, and go on with my diet. If I crave anything on Wednesday, I keep telling myself that I have two more days to go and I can harvest of Crabs. I LOVE CARBS!!!!


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