COFFEE BLOWOUT: At The Address Cafe

After a stressful day at work, I decided to meet a friend over coffee at the Address Hotel next to Dubai Mall. We ended up sitting outside, I expected it to be sticky and hot, but there was a cool breeze coming from inside. The place was cozy and relaxing. It had a beautiful view of nature and water running under a small wooden bridge. It was the perfect evening to unwind! It is private and you feel very comfortable being in this amazing place.IMG-20140825-WA000220140825_210559_Richtone(HDR)



























The waiter asked me what I wanted to drink, and I responded unknowingly ” I’ll leave it up to you to choose for me”. I am a coffee lover, I do not think a place like this can even go wrong with coffee. Five minutes later my coffee arrives, it is called ” the address coffee” It is the specialty of The Address Cafe. The coffee it medium sweet with a little bit of mint and chocolate and coffee. It is indulging as well. I INDULGE WITH COFFEE!

I also had lemon with mint shisha which was very smooth and clean.

Bill for 1:

The Address Coffee: AED 48

Lemon + Mint Shisha : AED 85

Total Bill: AED 133



3 thoughts on “COFFEE BLOWOUT: At The Address Cafe

  1. Can I just say “Wow!” that coffee looks amazing, I love the different layers they created. Serious, next time I’m in the area I’ll pop in and give it a try. Let you know what I think 🙂

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