Dish out:The Cheesecake Factory

I decided to go for an American type of lunch so I decided to hit The Cheesecake Factory! I am not a big fan of Carbo – fatty type of food, so whenever I know that I am going to have a heavy meal I make sure I know that they have some light choices.

Don’t make an excuse and say ” oh well they do not have healthy choices” or ” oh, its too expensive” Let me tell you even MCDONALDS have healthy choices. I’ll blog about how to make healthy choices when it  comes to eating outside, at home, at work and all that sometime soon.

Moving on, I love the cheesecake factory for their complimentary bread which is served meanwhile they are preparing for your meal. I love th20140819_205557eir brown bread! It is to die for.

I ordered the
Renee special for lunch. It includes half a turkey, or a chicken salad sandwich with a green or a Cesar salad and a soup.

I went for the half turkey sandwich with brown bread instead of white, no sauce, green salad and their Mexican Enchiladas soup! Holy Grail, it was deli-sh!


I ordered Strawberry lemonade to drink. It is loaded with sugar, so it isn’t the best choice to make if you were on diet. However, try it on your cheat day, it is absolutely refreshing!



























Bill for 1:

Renee Special = AED 58

Strawberry lemonade= AED 19 ( FREE REFILLS!)

Total= AED 77


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