On My Own At Qube Cafe

This Wednesday I felt the need to break my daily routine; work, gym, go home and read, to something a little more exciting. I decided to unwind and have dinner outdoors. I decided to head down to Qube Cafe which is located at the heart of the city , downtown Dubai. I know it is not the best weather to sit out doors, but there was barely any signs of humidity, and there was air conditioning every where. The place has indoor and outdoor seating for your preference, but I chose to sit outside. The atmosphere of the place is very chill, and the interior is modern and simple. The view is the best thing about this place.The waiters were not very attentive when I was calling them to take my order, but getting the order to the table was fast.

As you can see I ordered  California rolls sushi. The sushi was alright, not that great though. What is bad about their menu, is that if you want to order sushi, it comes in 2 , 4 or 20 pieces! you can’t order 6 or 8. You would have to either order 4+2 or 4+4 or 4+4+2.


Later on, after I was done, I decided to order Shisha, or Hookah. It was cinammon and gum flavor. I know it sounds like a weird or a different mixture, but why not try something new? I am not a regular smoker, but I like to explore new things.



























I ordered a caramel latte to drink. Let me tell you, that caramel latte is GOOD! It is medium sweet and it is indulging. I definitely recommend you to try it.
































Bill for 1

Sushi 4 pieces X 2 = 48 AED

Shisha x 1= 52 AED

Caffe late = 22 AED

small water = 10 AED

Total = 133 AED



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